Los quiero en mi guardarropas

I want these in my closet

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Aca les dejo una seleccion de items que me gustaron. Si bien este no es mi estilo mas caracteristico, ultimamente me estuve inclinando bastante hacia el. Lo encuentro muy interesante, cómodo, y a la vez arreglado y prolijo sin ser muy formal o estructurado.

I gathered this selection of items that I liked. I know this is not my signature style, but I have been digging it a lot lately. I find it very interesting: it´s comfortable and neat without being too stiff or formal.

4 comentarios:

Matthew Spade dijo...

Those leggings look great, really cool print.

Hey!! I know, it's been ages, I stumbled across your blog the other day for the first time in yonks. Thanks for stopping by again. Glad you like the watches, very nice indeed aren't they. And the dog yeah, she's top banana!

Aninka Tokos dijo...

Para mi, todo el conjunto! Divinas tus elecciones y las botas son favoritas lejos!

Unknown dijo...

que lindo, yo tambien los quiero!!!

lou dijo...

The T-shirt looks very nice!

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